Elizabeth Muller, Ed.M., M.A., LMHC



Counseling services are provided in person and last 50 minutes per session. The goal of counseling is to examine and understand underlying drives and experiences that shape the client’s current concerns. With this ongoing examination, clients are able to gain insight and decrease negative symptoms. Expertise in trauma, ACOA, and anxiety.


Coaching services are available in person and by phone. Coaching sessions last approximately 50 minutes – 1.5 hours. In coaching, clients set specific goals of what they want to accomplish. Together, we actively set an agenda that outlines immediate and obtainable goals. Possible needs for coaching include: Parent Coaching, Professional Coaching, Graduate Studies and Career Planning, Dating, and Life Transitions.


Consultation services are provided in person, by phone, or on-site. My expertise includes: Special Education Laws & Regulations, IEP development & implementation, Trauma Informed Care, Professional training, and curriculum development.



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